All important points of interest are around EL DIABLO HOSTEL. Main city square (Trg Republike), museums, shopping centres, Kalemegdan fortress, legendary club scene, restaurants, pubs and cafes... it is all very close to us. EL DIABLO HOSTEL is exactly in the corner of the famous Skadarlija (Bohemian Quarters) packed with traditional Serbian restaurants while buzzing nightlife starts in all those pubs and bars less than a minute walk away from us!  

In our block and immediate neighbourhood we have supermarkets (some of them open 24/7), fast food joints, one of the oldest and largest farmer´s markets, bakeries, news stands, banks, exchange offices, pharmacy, many cafes, pubs and restaurants, a gym, as well as the access to the public transportation system.

Wander around and you will find cool street art, squatted cafes and alternative & underground places, art studios and young designers workshops... Belgrade has many hidden gems for you to discover... 

We are famous for genuine hospitality and a warm, friendly attitude. No matter if you wish to explore the rich history of Belgrade, experience our vivid and colourful everyday life or see for yourself why the capital of Serbia is so famous for its nightlife - we will make sure you get the best of it! 

We are not close to the city centre, we are IN THE CITY CENTRE!

For further information, you can send us an email to booking@eldiablohostel.com or call +381603422560 (Mobile, WhatsApp, SMS, Viber)