Belgrade in the eyes of the world traveler!

29 Jul

I have been staying at EL DIABLO HOSTEL for a few weeks now and here are my top 5 favourite things about Belgrade so far. Hopefully this post will give you ideas of things to do in Belgrade and places to visit in Serbia.

Coffee shops
I am a digital nomad so most of my time is spent in coffee shops. Whilst in some places this can be quite boring, in Belgrade there’s always a new, nicely decorated coffee shop to visit. My favourite ones so far are the large "Kafeteria" in downtown Belgrade and the "Aviator Coffee Explorer" not far from the centre.

For the travelers who like to stay fit, Belgrade has many green parks for you to enjoy. I am a runner and so far have been alternating between the Kalemegdan Fortress Park and the "Pioneer’s" Park. You can also go for a lovely refreshing run by the Sava and the Danube rivers.

Good roads
In my first week in Belgrade, I met a couple of people at the hostel and we went on a road trip. We rented a car and drove to Novi Sad. I was a bit apprehensive at first but within the first minutes of driving I was pleasantly surprised by the good condition the roads were in. The signs and the speed limits were all clear and drivers are, although fast and sharp, generally pretty careful. If you want to explore the monasteries in the area of Fruška Gora national Park that are hard to access by public transport, I’d definitely recommend renting a car which is quite reasonably priced!

The Balkans are known for their delicious pastries and Serbia is no different. In Belgrade you can easily find the favourite Balkan food - Burek (savory dish made of filo pastry with either meat, cheese, potatoes or spinach) and Ćevapčići (small sausages made of minced meat and usually server with finely chopped onions and delicious fresh bread) and they’re just as delicious as in the other Balkan countries. Also, keep an eye out for the ice cream shops too, you’ll find them useful in the hot Serbian summer! Belgrade is an amazing place for gastronomic explorations and offer in restaurants will satisfy even the most demanding foodie!

Having mentioned all these perks of Serbia, you’ll be happy to know that the prices are pretty fair. Food-wise, even the midrange restaurants are quite cheap and affordable compared to other European capitals. If you like to cook at the hostel, the supermarket prices are also very cheap. Finally, the cost to visit tourist attractions like museums and churches are very attractive.

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